Summary of Curriculum Committees for 2017

Role Name
Taha Maori Reo Rua and HPE Rangiata©, Martha, Reremoana and Vanya
Reremoana ©, Martha, Phil and Vanya
Literacy Wendy © Delwynne, Kirsten and Cherie
Numeracy Tui © Tara, Micaela and Roberta
Arts and Inquiry in the Learning Areas Gail©, Debs, Donna, Louella and Brendon

Lead Staff for Contracts in 2017

Role Name
Health Promoting Schools Rere and Brendon
Fruit in Schools Tui
iMOKO Brendon


Coherence and shared understanding between junior and senior syndicates of learning programmes, systems, assessments and planning. Shared understanding of student data analysis, new PLD findings, syndicate professional learning and associated development work within Learning Area(s).


  • Budget; orders and expenditure within the financial year
  • PLD – promote opportunities or provide internal/external expertise as and when required/needed (Just in time learning)
  • Share and promote new resources within syndicates
  • Assessments and standards across the school aligned and coherent
  • Address transitions in Learning Areas between junior and senior syndicates
  • Share new structures, planning templates, systems, processes etc developed between syndicates
  • Discuss and review your curriculum documentation, like planners and appendices.  Share your recommendations to full staff meetings.